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The Six Fix: These DIY Pinoy-Themed Cocktails Will Make Your Party the Talk of the Town

The Six Fix: These DIY Pinoy-Themed Cocktails Will Make Your Party the Talk of the Town

Tamarind water, calamansi liqueur, malunggay syrup, fish sauce, laurel leaf—would you believe me if I tell you that these Filipino treats are actually your key to making crowd-pleasing cocktails?

These recipes created by four of the Philippines’ top bartenders, past winners of the Diageo Reserve World Class competition, are proof that these (and more) very Filipino ingredients, make for unforgettable, masterfully curated cocktails. All christened with names that celebrate Filipino pop culture, not only do they perfectly represent our exquisite heritage, but also the talent and ingenuity of Filipino bartending superstars Kenneth Bandivas, Yoma Rivera, AK Roxas, and Rian Asiddao:

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1. Binibining Paloma by Rian Asiddao. Cocktail "sa malamig" style.


2. Fiesta / “The Manila Signature Cocktail” by 2015 Bartender of the Year Kenneth Bandivas. A happy cocktail through and through, as its name implies.


3. Lazy Juan by 2013 Bartender of the Year AK Roxas. This will remind you of loungy afternoon meriendas.


4. Taho-Taho by Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador Rian Asiddao. A modern take on the Pinoy street food fave, this one's got it all, down to the sago pearls.


5. Single Since Birth by 2014 Bartender of the Year Yoma Rivera. The adult, suave version of those softdrinks in plastic bags we Pinoys love.


6. Bitter Felipe by 2015 Bartender of the Year Kenneth Bandivas. Ampalaya hater? This just might change your mind.



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