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In Focus: Kat Geronimo-Garcia, Fitness Coach to the Stars

In Focus: Kat Geronimo-Garcia, Fitness Coach to the Stars

“Be stronger than your strongest excuse.” This is easier said than done, but for Kat Geronimo-Garcia a.k.a famous fitspiration @mamakatfitness on Instagram, it’s the ultimate mantra to live by. She's a functional trainer and fitness coach that catapulted to fame thanks to her toned (read: six-pack) abs and celebrity clients the likes of Anne and Jasmine Curtis-Smith who are both having a blast getting fit under her tutelage. But more than just training her students, she’s set to spread her fitness advocacya passion she discovered after delivering her second child.

Post-workout with Anne Curtis


"I wanted to get fit and strong for my kids. That’s how it all started," she shares. This awareness, which she calls the road to a healthy lifestyle, is an overall practice her students undergo regularly. It's not just about exercise, it's also about proper diet and overall wellness care. Fast forward to present, she's helped a lot of clients achieve their desired form.

Core circuit with Bettina Carlos


“There has to be a switch of lifestyle since there’s no finish line to a healthy lifestyle. It has to be consistent,” the mom of two says. Being the role model that she is, she adds, "I want to show everyone that it’s possible. It’s actually not that complicated; sometimes it all goes down to the simplest things." But how simple is simple, one may ask. Kat gives out her top secretsself-control, passion, and goals.


And to further her cause, she’s actually cooking up a new projecta way to give back to her followers who are eager for some advice on how to achieve body like hers. We won’t spill the beans yet, but it's surely something you'll learn loads from.

Read on for more of Kat's fitness wisdom:

What is your workout routine? "I train in the morning for 20, 30, or 40 minutes depending on my schedule, Monday to Friday. I use my own program that I created years ago. My routine are all circuits, basically a mix of mixed martial arts conditioning and post-partum coaching."

How did you formulate your routine? "I pick everything that works for me. Tailored and customized 'yung workout ko depending on the goal. Movement first before muscles. I'm very particular with forms."

Who are your fitness pegs? "My coaches, which some of them are in their 40s but I’ve always looked up to them. Also, my mom. For celebrities, I love Coach Lauren Brooks, and Aubrey Miles, too."


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