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Kitchen Whiz: Boost Your Culinary Skills With Chef Tatung's "Five Laws of Cooking"

Kitchen Whiz: Boost Your Culinary Skills With Chef Tatung's

One of the most sought-after chefs of today found a new brainchild in the form of a book: Chef Tatung Sarthou (of Alab Restaurant fame), aside from cooking up great-tasting regional specialties using traditional methods, is known to be a culinary heritage advocate, thus the concept of his book entitled, "Philippine Cookery: From Heart to Platter." Each chapter is a labor of love, heavy with tips and trivia on cooking, the Pinoy way


Learn from this master chef his "five laws of cooking":


1. "Get to know your ingredients. Use all five of your senses in order to know what you are cooking with."

Palabok Negra by Chef Tatung


2. "Don’t rush. Cook simple recipes first before moving on to more complicated ones."

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3. "Cook for yourself. This in order to know what you like and in order to navigate through the flavors better."

Honey Glazed Slow-roasted Lechon by Chef Tatung


4. "Keep on cooking. Don’t let a failed dish stop you. Mistakes are part of the learning process of cooking."


5. "Cook for the right reasons. Cook because you love to cook. That’s the best reason for one to cook in the first place."

Puto at Dinuguan by Chef Tatung


And finally, he adds one bonus tip: Always taste your cooking before serving. We couldn't agree more!


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"Philippine Cookery: From Heart to Platter" is published by ABS-CBN Publishing Inc., available at National Bookstore and FullyBooked branches for P595. Photographs from and




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