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The Six Fix: Legit Techniques to Make Your Every Couple Photo A Hit

The Six Fix: Legit Techniques to Make Your Every Couple Photo A Hit

If you’re hell bent on nailing that #couplepeg and #feedgoals mission of yours, then those conventional pa-tweetums sweetie pie moves just won’t do anymore. Everyone’s doing them already, and while nothing beats a genuine showcase of your love for each other, leveling up your photo game will surely help your case. True love + non-cliché poses = images everyone would instantly like no matter which social media platform you upload them on.

Stunning—and statuesque—couple Maxene Magalona and Robby Mananquil (who have also been giving us serious travel envy) totally nails this whole couple shot business. Check out how they do it, and try these techniques on for size the next time you and your beau pose in front of the camera:


1. Darling, hold my hand. Why not sing that Jess Glyne hit while you're at it?


2. Mirror selfie. Try this in galleries or restaurants with breathtaking art and interiors.


3. As real as it gets. Don't stage your photos too much, the more mundane moments, like casually sharing a meal, are all too endearing as well.


4. We're in this together. Yep, go all out, down to themed outfits.


5. Jump for joy. Hold each other's hand as you take that leap (literally and figuratively).


6. Kissing selfie. You gotta have long arms for this, but if you don't, well there's always the selfie stick.


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