Hot Stuff: Host Your Own Talk Show with This Trendy New App

Hot Stuff: Host Your Own Talk Show with This Trendy New App

As much as you want to be a talk show host, not everyone could be a Boy Abunda or a Kris Aquino. This new text messaging app changes all that. Talkshow, the latest social media platform that has spawned a lot of buzz, is essentially, texting with an audience. Another way to describe it is texting in public, with the texting parties serving as the hosts and those watching will be the audience. As a host, you can decide what topic you’d like to talk about: Who you think should win as president, the latest fashion trends, the NBA Playoffs, or your review of the most recent superhero flick—anything, really.

So how did founder Michael Sippey come up with the idea? He has Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to thank. The iOS-only app was inspired by a conversation between the two that generated millions of likes on Instagram where it was posted. But the thing is, posting text conversations on social media wasn’t introduced by Swift and Sheeran—many have been doing it for years. People talk about a wide variety of topics through text that they want to share with the world. The difference is that now, these kinds of conversations have now found a more proper platform.


Here’s how Talkshow works: Upon downloading the app, it gives you the option to find friends on Facebook, Twitter, or your list of email contacts. After all the preliminary steps are out of the way and you’re ready to begin a show, you can then select a co-host (you can also host alone) and decide on the title of your show. Once that’s done, an alert will be sent to your followers to let them know that you’re about to go on air. Your spectators can choose to view your show in real time or after it’s over. Alternately, you can search for ongoing talk shows and join in on the discussion should you be allowed to co-host.

Talkshow first started gaining traction on Twitter. When more and more people started using the app, users began encountering problems. These are being addressed now, says Sippey. After all the fine-tuning, only time will tell if this app will prove to be a genuine hit and stay for the long haul.


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