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Lifestyle Hotshots: Will Hsu on Why Trapeze is a Must-Try, Even if You're Afraid of Heights

Lifestyle Hotshots: Will Hsu on Why Trapeze is a Must-Try, Even if You're Afraid of Heights

The thrill of going up, heaving for breath, and finally, taking the plunge—no, we're not talking about skydiving, but its sister when it comes to things adrenaline rushin'. Flying Trapeze Philippines owner Will Hsu knows the feeling exactly, and this priceless experience is what he wants more people to have. Allow him to convince you to take the plunge—he shares three good reasons that will have you saying "Let's fly!":


1. It’s a full body calisthenics workout. "The trapeze is not an amusement park ride. Students must support their own body weight and lift themselves up in mid-air to perform tricks and to generate momentum, which requires utilizing all the muscles in their body. Like any other sport, flying on the trapeze is a full body workout. Only difference is, it's 32 feet in the air." Now that's a unique and fun take on getting fit, don't you think?


2. It’s a mental workout. "Parents always tell me that they love how the trapeze builds their child’s confidence, trust, and mental acuity. It’s scary jumping from a dangling platform. Trapeze classes force students to focus and challenge them to manage their fears and emotions in a safe environment. The mental skills learned at trapeze can then be applied to all aspects of life whenever you're faced with a scary situation."


3. It’s fun. "The thrill and excitement of soaring through the air and making a catch before you fall is FUN! And we should all have more fun in our lives!"


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Produced by Katrina A. Angco / Photograph by Vyn Radovan / Graphic illustration by Jana Jimenez / Grooming by Decerose Alpeche for M.A.C Cosmetics / Shot on location at the Tryst Studio Showroom / Special thanks to Margaux Salazar




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