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Love Actually: When Happy Ever After Comes Without the Stereotypical Fireworks

Love Actually: When Happy Ever After Comes Without the Stereotypical Fireworks

Over the weekend, Winchester, Hampshire was the place to be, as we watched our social media feeds closely for all posts tagged #TheBurnands, to swoon over the most beautiful wedding this summer—exquisite in details, well-attended by Manila’s loveliest, and brimming with love, in the form of model and host Georgina Wilson and her now husband, British businessman Arthur Burnand. The couple, who have only been together for only a little more than a year, wed at St. Peter’s Cathedral, followed by a lovely reception at the charming Avington Park.

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Everything, from Georgina’s pre-wedding photos with her bridesmaids...


To their just-got-married photo before they sped away into the reception (their official photographer was no less than Hugo Burnand, who also photographed the Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate)…


Was just perfect.

Many, though, were surprised by Georgina’s marriage, because, primarily, this relationship of hers is way quieter than her much publicized romances with Richard Gutierrez and Borgy Manotoc in the past. But, in true cheesy, romantic fashion, let me tell you this: Love doesn’t always need to be wild, or loud, or announced to the world. And truth be told, the quiet kind of love just might be way more special than that which comes screaming passion and fireworks the way we know, because it’s not begging to be noticed. It’s assured of its being; unconditional love at its finest, if you may.

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Here are more love lessons you can learn from Georgina and Arthur's beautiful romance:


1. Love means being all in in each other's world, no matter how poles apart you are.

Georgina with Arthur and his colleagues at a ball in Hong Kong, where the latter is based for business.


2. Love is loving each other's loves—family, friends, and all. 

Arthur enjoying the beach with Georgina, her siblings Jessica and Sam, cousins Martine and Ava, and friends.


3. Love is knowing how to goof around—even if you're just a couple of days away from the biggest day of your life.

Arthur and Georgina outside photographer Hugo Burnand's studio days before they wed.


4.  Love is seeing the world together, in its truest sense.

A groufie (group selfie) taken during their holiday European adventure with her 'it' girls BFFs and their beaus.


5. Love is toe-curling kisses, in the most breathtaking of places. Yes, you gotta make these special moments happen no matter how busy your schedules are.

At Georgina's despedida de soltera at Hotel du Vin in Winchester


6. Love is looking forward to a lifetime together, and going at it hand in hand.

The Burnands a day after their wedding festivities.


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