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Hot Stuff: Three Reasons Why JaDine's New Film Is the Ultimate Summer Kilig Movie

Hot Stuff: Three Reasons Why JaDine's New Film Is the Ultimate Summer Kilig Movie

Their chemistry is more than enough to give you a kilig overload, and the film's plot which revolves around lovers who only get to be together during summers give major bonus feels, we know, but just in case you need more convincing, or simply a preview of other things you can look forward to, before you watch James Reid and Nadine's upcoming film, This Time, here are three:


1. It’s Nadine’s first time in Japan. With scenes shot in Saga, Japan, the movie paved the way for the fulfillment of Nadine's dream to visit Japan and see cherry blossoms. As for James, he definitely loved the place, praising the quality of beef in Saga, along with a few realizations, like this funny musing:


2. It will remind fans of OTWOL!

While James admits that it's hard to top the success of OTWOL, This Time and the hit teleserye actually have something in common: They both center on relationships that are tested by time and distance. In This Time, Coby (James) and Ava (Nadine) just get to be together during summer—how painful is that line of James' in the film's trailer, "I want to be with you but I can't"?. But for sure, as they go all out for love, we'll get loads of kilig moments that will set the benchmark for our #RelationshipGoals!

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3. It has helped take their relationship to another level!


Shooting this film out of the country enabled the real-life sweethearts to learn more about each other better, now that they're officially a couple, versus when they were only a loveteam when they shot OTWOL in the US. One of the more surprising revelations? When Nadine discovered that James can iron his clothes on his own!

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