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Beauty Spotlight: Say Bye-Bye to Foil with this Hair Color Innovation

Beauty Spotlight: Say Bye-Bye to Foil with this Hair Color Innovation

The wealth of hair color options available to us today is like an enticing all-you-can-eat buffet—the difference is, you are only allowed to try a few hues at a time and have to wait it out for a while before you can try something new (because hello, no to hair damage!). It can be difficult sometimes, don’t you agree, ladies? Because from a head of brown with subtle highlights, you might want to go full on copper…


And then perhaps platinum blonde…


And then go darker again, with some shading, or maybe balayage, which is the most practical among all the hair coloring styles out there, because the regrowth the roots isn't that apparent.


And have you ever dreamt of having so many colors on your hair at once?


But you don’t have the patience to sit through the whole foiling process?

In his recent visit to Manila, Hollywood celebrity hairstylist and colorist and Wella Creative Director Claudio Lazo introduced Wella, a hair color innovation that allows you to achieve even the most rainbow-colored hair, sans the need for foil. “You can go as crazy as you want with the shades you use on your hair and just section them properly—they won’t bleed (up to three levels of depth of color apart) and the colors will all come out beautifully even if there are no foils involved,” he shared. technology contains exclusive InvisiDivider technology, which creates a unique matrix within the color mass that acts like a flexible barrier, separating and holding different hair color sections.

So yes, balayage, ombre, that multi-colored mermaid hair trend, just got better—imagine not having to sit through such the long coloring process involving all those separators but still achieving that perfectly blended, harmonious color you want. Dream come true!


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Available exclusively through salon professionals, Wella Professionals is an additive to Wella Professionals’ permanent colors, Koleston Perfect and Illumina Color. Photographs courtesy of Wella




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