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Family First: How Team Kramer Seamlessly Does Beach Vacays

Family First: How Team Kramer Seamlessly Does Beach Vacays

Planning a beach trip with the kids soon? Learn practical advice from the adorable Team Kramer who does it so effortlessly:


1. Let the kids have their fun. If you're among the cool parents who aren't too protective of their kids to the point of suffocation, then well and good. It's nice to be reminded that kids have a playful nature which you can help nurture when you let them have their fun. 


2. Twinning is winning. If you have kids, then you can always make the extra effort to bring stuff in pairs—clothes, toys, etc. That helps in fostering a stronger bond between the siblings and also takes the sibling fights off your list of things to deal with. 


3. PDA can be good. Let's be clear: A decent amount of it, can. A public display of affection between couples can be good, not just for the couples but also for the kids. Wouldn't you feel more warmth in the family when you have much love to go around and express? 


4. Play dress up. Regardless if you need to travel light, don't forget the world is still a runway. And that goes for your kids as well. Play dress up with them—they'll love you for it so long as you take note to dress them up appropriately for the season, too.


5. Steal a little time away. Bringing your kids with you when you travel is no excuse to neglect your partner. If you want it enough, you can always find a way to steal some little lovin' time away.


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