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Daily Diaries: Bianca Gonzalez Inspires as Morena and Proud

Daily Diaries: Bianca Gonzalez Inspires as Morena and Proud

Bianca Gonzalez is an epitome of a true Filipina beauty—she has the smarts, she’s morena, and she’s damn proud about it. No basher or naysayer can shake her as we’ve seen in the recent incident which involved a netizen who called her daughter negra on her Instagram account. Instead, she used the opportunity to further reiterate her being a #proudmorena, and that goes for her morena baby as well.


10-year-old-me to bullies calling me "negra" be like ???? .. ???? Fast forward to me in my 30s, and haters still bully me "negra". Na-insecure din ako nung bata ako, until I discovered my talents and built real friendships and realized skin color doesn't matter. The past few days have been so eye-opening, to find out that so many people are still bullied for being maitim. 2016 na, huy! Naniniwala ka pa rin ba na "mas maganda" ang maputi kaysa sa maitim? Pinoy tayo, kayumanggi ang kulay natin, be proud of it! To any young Pinoy reading this, huwag na huwag ma-pressure na magpaputi dahil hindi mo kailangan yan, maganda ang kulay mo. To parents, siblings, best friends, special someones of anyone being bullied for being dark, reassure them that their color is beautiful and they need not be fairer to be appreciated. Whether you're born with dark or fair skin, embrace your color and be proud of it. Wala sa kulay ng balat yung halaga mo bilang tao; nasa pakikisama mo at kung paano mo ibinabahagi yung talents mo na mahalaga. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and comments, nakakatuwa na madaming #proudmorena!!!!

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So today, being one with Bianca's advocacy, we urge you to wear your morena skin loud and proud and remember… 


You are beautful just the way you are. We know that sounds like a cliché sometimes, but it's true. Not the GGSS as in "gandang ganda sa sarili" kind, but the kind of beauty that is innately raw and natural. So yes dear, you are beautiful and it's time you start believing that... every day. 


You can always choose to do what makes you feel good. If like Bianca, wearing whites and pastels helps you bring out that morena glow better, then stick to it. If like Bianca, taking the high road and not giving in to hate over her bashers makes you feel good inside and out, then do it. 


Brown is the bomb. And so is being white, black, or any other color. Because ultimately, beauty doesn't depend on skin color—don't believe anyone who says otherwise. 


That skin is yours, own it. You or your skin color may not be everyone's cup of tea. That's okay. As long as you know it's yours, be proud of it and own it. 


Someone else thinks you're beautiful, too. Not that you need anyone's validation of your skin, but while you won't be everyone's cup of tea, you'd meet someone who'd think you're beautiful and completely love you to your every bit and piece. 


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