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Hot Stuff: Learn the Ways of the Force by Taking Lightsaber Training at this London-Based Academy

Hot Stuff: Learn the Ways of the Force by Taking Lightsaber Training at this London-Based Academy

It’s a bummer that the next Star Wars movie won’t be released until this December. However, kids could still get their Jedi on in this martial arts school in London that aims to teach young Padawans the way of the force. Welcome to Silver Sabre Combat Academy.

Tai Chi instructor Faisal Mian, a self-confessed Star Wars super fan, serves as this dojo’s Obi-Wan Kenobi. What he’s teaching is actually fencing, but the idea behind the class is that the children would be more into martial arts and exercise if they added that extra, playful layer of fantasy. Because as you know, no one can resist the awesomeness of a glowing, whooshing lightsaber. This is so true that even the parents wanted in on the fun, which is why the academy eventually offered adult classes. Yes, fathers can have a Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader moment with their child. You can call that good parenting.

The kids are encouraged to come in their Jedi or Sith costumes while learning actual techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation of fencing masters. This is most definitely real martial arts—it’s even endorsed by the governing body of British Fencing.


“Some of the kids come in dressed as Darth Vader and we encourage people to have a laugh and enjoy themselves. We are a professional martial arts club with an inclination for dramatic theatre. The kids all want to see these twirls and spins and we award additional points for dramatic effort, fencing isn't always the best of spectator sports and so we're trying to give the audience something exciting to watch,” says Mian in an interview with The Mirror.

Start your training now and who knows, you could already be a Jedi master once the next film comes around.


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