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The Six Fix: Summer Staples for the Free Spirits Like Sue Ramirez

The Six Fix: Summer Staples for the Free Spirits Like Sue Ramirez

We’ll call it: Sue Ramirez is the next big thing. But for now, let her free-spirited self show you how to do summer justice. So be your own wild child at heart and sizzle this summer like Sue. 


1. Rock a tie-dye. Thousands of summer seasons shall pass, trends would change or repeat. But tie-dyes shall always be summer staples and will never go out of style. Wear it, sleep on it, or learn to make it even. Like Sue, you can also use a tie-dyed cloth as a lovely backdrop for your photos. 


2. Werq it in a romper. If you haven't tried this fashion piece yet, then summer is the perfect time to do it. Go for a floral paisley romper and look as fresh as Sue. 


3. Pack some groove and moves. In true free spirit fashion, bring your "I don't care" moves anywhere you go like no one's watching. Just flip your hair and say awkward don't care


4. Maintain that mysterious aura. Like Sue, you may be a free spirit but also notice how she still keeps a certain mystery in her. Try this and who knows? You might just charm your way to your next summer lover.


5. Love the land, too. Summer has somewhat been synonymous to the islands and the beaches. But don't foget to love the land, too. With a view like this in Sue's photo, we bet you'd equally love the land and the waters.


6. Float on. Figuratively and literally. And like Sue, always, always bring the fun with you. 


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