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Daily Diaries: What Gives You Kilig Overload?

Daily Diaries: What Gives You Kilig Overload?

A few weeks ago, it was announced that the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has added the Tagalog word “Kilig” as part of its new words for March 2016. Defined as the state of being exhilarated, thrilled or gratified by a romantic experience, now hopefully everyone would find it easier to explain what kilig is.

But on a more practical note, we ask: What gives you kilig overload? Let us help you count the ways:


1. When the love team you’re rooting for becomes a #teamreal couple. Whether you're a JaDine fan or not, you'd remember all the kilig feels their real life romantic status has caused you or your newsfeed not just for a day, but for weeks or months even. 


2. When you’re simply appreciated. You don't necessarily have to be a huge validation seeker nor do you need the plaques and physical tokens to show for it. For you, a simple word of appreciation every now and then is enough to make you feel kilig. 


3. When someone comes to your rescue. Not to say you're a damsel in distress, but the fact that someone would want to come to your rescue–perhaps  your dad, your beau, friend, or ex–even when you probably don't need it, is just kilig-worthy, no? 


4. When someone you love decides to love you back and confess it in the open. There's just that certain rush that comes with someone being so damn proud of you and their love for you. Kilig overload indeed. 


5. When someone you like does something sweet for you. Who would't be kilig, say for example, when someone offers you  a classic yet tried and tested harana? Or maybe when someone sets a picnic by the beach for your first date? 


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