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Daily Diaries: Daniel Padilla Moves That Will Make Any Girl Swoon

Daily Diaries: Daniel Padilla Moves That Will Make Any Girl Swoon

Because it's his birthday, here’s a cheat sheet for all those smooth Mr. Suave moves a la, no one else, but Daniel Padilla. So for y'all ladies reading between the lines, pay close attention and hold your breath—you’re about to swoon to the extreme.


Gangster feels. There's always something intriguing about the cute thug from the street. Sometimes, we wonder if there are actually guys that are as adept in suave moves as him. 


The tweetum effect. Blushing here and there, HHWW, calling up and shyly hanging up. Well like the name suggests, when done in the right dose, it can be cute and it can work. 


Basang basa sa ulan peg. It's one thing to share a sunny day together; and another, to share a rainfall without any umbrella. Why do you think romantic films usually have these scenes in them? Because they're sweet, and not to mention, sexy, too.


Cheer on. Probably the most literal suave move of all is when he invites you to his game. It's like hitting two birds with one stone: Him, being able to show off; and you being promoted as his number one cheerleader.


Count on classic. Nothing says flirtation than the classic play of hair. It easily warrants the remark of "Well played, mister. Well played."


Sniff her scent. While not a lot of people would probably be comfortable with this, you'd know you've reached a new level of being comfy with each other when you're able to do this. 


The stare. The smile. That face. If that doesn't sweep you off your feet, we wonder what will. 



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