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Sights to Behold: Ito Kish's Spring-Themed Exhibit Can Be Your Next Home Design Peg

Sights to Behold: Ito Kish's Spring-Themed Exhibit Can Be Your Next Home Design Peg

During this year's Manila FAME, the vast halls of the World Trade Center was a lot like a lovely rainforest, filled with the sound of birds chirping. A quick search for the intriguing melody led visitors to a fern-decorated exhibit, where furniture pieces, made mostly of wood, sat atop black marble bases. On one side, lighted candles were nestled on wooden candle holders that have tribal-like detailing. Meanwhile, pillows with pictures of birds graced the rattan chair on exhibit, along with side tables made from a mix of wood and metal, can be found on the other end of the area.

This colorful and lively exhibit, entitled "Spring Forward," is a brandchild of award-winning designer Ito Kish. Combining three different themes, which include tribal, industrial, and tropical motifs, Kish curated indoor and outdoor furniture pieces to come up with an exhibit that made visitors feel like they are one with nature. “I just wanted to create a special setting where you feel the theme of spring when you walk around,” Kish said.

In his execution, Kish played around with patterns, prints, and even gave a different interpretation on the use of metal to emphasize the festive and refreshing ambiance of the exhibit. Complementing the overall feel are hanging light bulbs that are individually wrapped with fern, to represent light coming from the sun.

The "tribal' section of Kish's "Spring Forward" exhibit.


From the elements Kish used for this exhibit, which included touches of gold and several resin pieces, his choice of using black marble made the exhibit stand out. You see, it served two functions: First, the use of black marble gave the exhibit a sophisticated, boutique feel, and second, black marble helped in emphasizing the bright colors of spring in the exhibit. “We needed something very solid in color so the colors will pop out,” Kish said.

It may be a small detail, but the black marble Kish used helped in making the exhibit stand out.


“The process of sourcing out these pieces was not the easiest but seeing it come alive under the bright lights of this special setting gives me an uplifting feeling,” Kish said in his blog journal.

The "Tropical" section of "Spring Forward". Take note of Kish use of birds to represent this section of the exhibit.


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