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Hot Stuff: Newbie Dads, John Prats Has Got Lessons to Help You in this Journey Called Fatherhood

Hot Stuff: Newbie Dads, John Prats Has Got Lessons to Help You in this Journey Called Fatherhood

It has already been a week since Isabel Oli-Prats has given birth to daughter Feather, yet husband (and new father) John Prats is still over the moon with happiness.

Never mind the sleepless nights, the hectic schedules, or the occasional roadblocks every new dad may encounter daily, as long as he's got his family right beside him, right Dance Floor Dynamite?

John and Isabel with their newborn child, Feather.


For those new dads (or dads-to-be) who are anxious about the responsibilities that come with being a parent, here are a few ways you can appreciate and enjoy the gift of life:


1. Be a photographer. It does not matter if you are an amateur or a professional. What matters more is you get to capture the moment, like when John took a photo of Feather getting her dose of sunshine.


2. Create a scrapbook. It can be in a form of a literal book filled with photos and other scrapbooking knick knacks, or it can be an online version, like giving your baby his/her own Instagram account. John and Isabel in fact made one for Feather before she was born. Through this, your baby has something to look at and treasure as they grow up.


3. Read a story. A nice and simple way to bond with your little bundle of joy? Read a nice children’s story with him/her. It can be from an actual book or something you created in your mind: What matters more is that you are the one telling them the story.


4. Loosen up. Set aside those tough guy stances when you are bonding with your newborn. Every new dad out there always has a soft side for his child, so go on, laugh your heart away and make all those cute funny faces for your baby.


5. Treat your newborn like he/she is your BFF. Shower him/her with your affection by making sure all your attention is focused on him/her when she's around. Babies easily pick up signals and will notice if you're not all eyes on them.


Pre-baby's arrival, why not make the gender reveal unique by throwing a themed party like John and Isabel did?


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Photographs from; screencap from Illustrations by Jana Jimenez




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