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Look Up, Step Out: New Zealand, Of Serene Spots and Scenic Surprises

Look Up, Step Out: New Zealand, Of Serene Spots and Scenic Surprises

There’s more to New Zealand than milking cows, wine, and cheese. Husband and wife Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga show you how it’s done—NZ style—with these serene spots and sweet scenic surprises.


It’s all about the view. A trip to NZ wouldn’t even start without booking at least a night or more if you wish, on a room with an overlooking view of its majestic mountains, snowcapped or not. And if the view comes with a hot guy by the porch like Toni’s husband Paul in Azur Lodge, then all the better adventure.


…And the vantage point. Take your trip a notch higher, literally and figuratively, when you ride a “small plane” as Toni puts it, to see Queensland's green mountaintops, craters, and glaciers. 


Fish and snaps. Go fishing in Lake Rotorua or like Toni, just take a snap on the bridge above it. With Rotorua being known for its geysers, mud pools, and the rich Maori culture (early NZ settlers), exploring the city would be a nice, textured visit. 


‘Eight Wonder’. If English novelist Rudyard Kipling once referred to Milford Sound as the 'eighth wonder of the world,' then you know you’re onto something good. Toni enjoyed the Milford Sound Fiord (a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliff caused by glacial erosion) with her “best travel partner” Paul. 


Unforgettable sight at The Remarkables. This kind of view just follows its name, The Remarkables, perfectly. The mountain range serves not just a lovely backdrop for the waters but also houses the famous ski field offering terrain and facilities for holiday skiers and snowboarders. 


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