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Family First: Vote with Your Family’s Welfare in Mind

Family First: Vote with Your Family’s Welfare in Mind

There’s a lot to consider come Election Day but if there’s one thing and one thing only, then let it be for your family. In true Kapamilya fashion, Ipanalo ang Pamilyang Pilipino. How, you ask?


1. Go on a research galore. This can’t be stressed enough and for the record, believing everything you read on social media, bashing people whose views differ from yours, do not count for research. Whether you have or haven’t decided on who to vote for yet, it always pays to do your research and to do it well. Know which candidates would help you put your family’s best interests at heart.


2. Filter the noise. Anything that doesn’t add to the wealth of your research is plain noise. Learn to filter it and carry on with doing what’s more crucial like fact-checking and analyzing the feasibility of their campaign messages. It’s so easy to get swept off by rosy promises but do they really mean a thing? Filter. The. Noise.  


3. Conduct yourself respectfully. Since you’re putting your family and their welfare in mind, it’s certainly easy to be emotional about things you fight for. The bottom line though, emotions often get in the way of rationality. Thus, this can lead you to justifying actions that are rather inexcusable. So if you think about your children observing every step you do, would you really want them to see how you pick up fights online or otherwise because other people think your candidate is this and that? We bet not.


4. Don’t be a sellout. Your family’s future is not for sale. Or is it? You get to decide. But ultimately, a temporary monetary fix isn’t going to change sh*t. So do not shortchange your family of the better future they can have by selling your vote. It really is that simple. 


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