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Monday Musings: You Probably Are The World's Biggest Daydreamer

Monday Musings: You Probably Are The World's Biggest Daydreamer

Note to self: You probably are the world's biggest daydreamer. Funny how you create complex, perfect scenarios in your head which you know would never really happen. Sometimes you're too deep within your dreams that you start to feel like they fill in the gaps of your past abyss. Sweet. You could almost taste it.

And then with just one snap, they're gone. All gone. Reality surges within your senses. The bliss rushes out your veins and leaves all your empty hollows deeper than they once were. You start to think how unfair life is. How some people are given the life you're dying to have. And then at that point you realize that your dreams aren't far from possible. There is no better proof for the probability of your dreams coming true than the people you grew up being envious of. You can be as smart, as wealthy, as successful.

It won't be easy. It's never gonna be easy. But always remember that no one can stop the man who dreams awake. Work hard. Harder than you think you ever could. And once you reach there, remember everything that you've gone through. Never forget how miserable this place is because this is where you wouldn't want to come back to. Goodluck and safe travels.


By Cris Dinglasan, 24, an Electronics Engineer who's trying to compensate his being a corporate slave by climbing mountains and playing underwater hockey sometimes.


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