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Lifestyle Hotshots: Iñigo Dulay on How CrossFit Can Change Your Life

Lifestyle Hotshots: Iñigo Dulay on How CrossFit Can Change Your Life

When people think of CrossFit, the first thing that comes to mind is I-N-T-E-N-S-E. But for then 21-year-old Iñigo Dulay, he saw it as a way of getting the beach-ready body he wanted. “I wanted to try it because I was preparing for my Bora body, and I heard Crossfit really works so I gave it a shot.” Soon after, driven by his passion for CrossFit and his desire to help others get stronger, Iñigo became a coach, inspiring people and motivating them to go beyond what they can do. But while CrossFit has become popular in the Philippines since the first box opened in 2012, many are still hesitant to join. Here, the CrossFit MNL BGC partner and head coach gives you four legit reasons (besides the typical which is to get healthy) to get past those "intense" notions about this workout—you will see just how much fun it is through his eyes:


1. It's never a routine. "Everyday we do different workouts, the combination of movements and the format of the workout is constantly changing, so you get to challenge yourself in different aspects." Intense, yes, but definitely not boring.


2. It's functional fitness at its finest. "We do a series of diverse movements which can help equip you better for life outside of the box, and your daily needs in life."


3. It's a surefire way to transform into a better version of yourself. "It really makes you stronger and more conditioned everyday. As a result, you become a fitter version of the you yesterday." Unlike other workouts, the intensity of CrossFit really instills a sense of discipline in you and there's a remarkable day to day improvement.


4. CrossFitters share a unique bond. "You share a strong bond with different CrossFitters, whether in your own box or from different boxes all over the world. You speak the same language which is CrossFit." Iñigo's CrossFit MNL community, for instance, treat each other like family and have got each others' backs.


And for those who are saying CrossFit is not for them, Iñigo has to this say “My advice for them is to book a trial at the nearest CFMNL box and see for themselves. What is intense for others might not be the same for you. So you have to take that step of trying, in order for you to know. But I guarantee you if you're looking for a great community, a fitter you, and a lifetime of fun, then you should try CrossFit!”


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Produced by Katrina A. Angco / Photographs by Vyn Radovan / Styling by Barry Viloria and Camille Santiago / Grooming Eddie Mar Cabiltes / Shot on location at Citadines Salcedo




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