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Lifestyle Hotshots: Kit Guerra on Juggling A Fully Packed Life

Lifestyle Hotshots: Kit Guerra on Juggling A Fully Packed Life

“I’m a very, very busy person,” says multi-hyphenate Kit. In the morning, he’s the crossfit coach; in the afternoon, he’s dealing with corporate matters; and at night, he spins great mixes in the club. With all of these on his plate, it’s simply amazing how he’s able to juggle everythingand be efficient in all. For those who can relate to him (in terms of wanting to do so many things, or having so many things happening already), but need a piece or two of advice on how to manage ALL your jobs, take note of these tidbits:


1. It’s all in the mind. "I think a lot takes part in your mind, what you can and can’t do. It’s all about your mental capacity, the determination to do things."


2. Handling your time properly. "It’s quite busy, but if you budget time for it all, you make ways to ensure you do all those things."


3. Improve yourself. "It’s about trying to find a better version of yourself."


4. Treat life as your school. "I think what I learned from my family is that you should never stop learning. Regardless if you're 30, 40, 50 or 60, you can always find something new. You may be nervous at first but it’s better if you try."


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