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Daily Diaries: How to Be Badass Like Angel Locsin

Daily Diaries: How to Be Badass Like Angel Locsin

Everybody knows Angel Locsin isn’t your everyday average actress or even just a pretty, angelic face. Her aura speaks volume of pure badass. And as she turns 30, we wonder how does she do it? Let Angel show you WWBWD, what would a badass woman do: 


1. Be someone who embodies charity. You don't really have to have a lot to practice charity so long as you're intentional about practicing compassion everyday. 


2. Listen to other people’s stories. Like Angel, genuinely take time to listen to other people's stories. And yes, more specially from those whom you think can't do much for you.


3. Pick up a hobby. Or just keep learning something new every day. Until you realize you're so badass you know how to do this and that.


4. Go places. As Angel quotes it from Gustave Flaubert,  "Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world."


5. Use your voice for a cause. Be in the loop on what's happening around you specially about current events and social issues. Angel is one with the victims calling for #stopthelumadkillings. 


6. Continue the fight. People knew about her "disc bulge" health issue. People knew about her road to recovery. And while she had to give up the Darna role, she still continues the fight to getting better and stronger every day. 



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