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The Six Fix: Voting Tips for First Timers So You're Not Clueless Come Election Day

The Six Fix: Voting Tips for First Timers So You're Not Clueless Come Election Day

Are you a first time voter? Well that doesn’t excuse you from being clueless come Election Day. So read up and ready yourself on what to expect when you finally exercise your right to suffrage.


1. Keep your phone away. Or phones, if you have two or more. We get it—we know how first time experiences can be an exciting deal for you. Take your selfies, OOTDs even, all you want. But note that you cannot do it inside the voting precincts. That goes without saying you cannot take pictures of your ballot, too.


2. Don’t take the receipts. While somehow we think it would be nice to get a receipt as proof of your vote, the system apparently doesn’t work like a restaurant or a convenience store. The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) reminds voters that “taking the voting receipt out of the polling place is illegal.”


3. Raise your right forefinger. For when you give up on raising your middle finger to those corrupt politicians… raise your fight forefinger instead. And also well, so that the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) can put the indelible ink on it.


4. Avoid causing confusion. Look, it’s perfectly okay to be confused but not totally clueless. You know what else isn’t okay? Causing confusion. As per The Omnibus Election Code, you’re not allowed to make frivolous objections such as disrupting or obstructing the election process or causing confusion among the voters… [and spreading] false and alarming reports or information.”


5. Know your right. It’s good that you’re exercising your right to suffrage. But come Election Day, know that you also have the right to privacy even COMELEC officers can’t invade the voting process.


6. May you realize the power you have on May 9. And when you do but feel how defunct the system is, we hope you don’t let it dishearten you and just keep on voting for a better nation when your country needs you to.


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