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Lifestyle Hotshots: Wil Dasovich’s Where-Tos and What To-Dos in Exploring the Philippines

Lifestyle Hotshots: Wil Dasovich’s Where-Tos and What To-Dos in Exploring the Philippines

It all started after Wil graduated: What’s supposed to be a vacay turned out to be a discoverya discovery of a newfound love. And never did he imagine that he’ll be “trapped” here in the Philippines, and that he’ll be staying for good. “I’m basically here for fun,” he shares. But as day after day passed by, he saw how happy he is and how great the Filipino culture is. It’s more than reason to settle down in a foreign country, which, he realized, he has fallen in love with.

This two-year love affair has been documented through videosa compilation which you can view on Youtube (search for Tsong and Tsonggohe’s got a LOT of crazy, cool stuff there!). Traveling place after place enabled him to gain much know-how when it comes to going places. Consider yourself schooled, courtesy of this California hottie-turned-Pinoy-at-heart!

Rediscover these places through Wil's eyes:

1. Palawan. "I think that’s the best Island I’ve ever been to, the best island in the world. Especially in El Nido and Coron. I would just go there and explore. Try everything, that’s a must even if you’re scared. Step out of your comfort zone."

2. Baguio. "It’s really good to see it because it’s different from the entire Philippines. The weather, just the scenery, and everything."

3. Manila. "In Manila, a lot of people don’t know what to do. The number one recommendation I have is to go and do the Carlos Celdran Tour in Intramuros because you’ll learn so much about the Philippines. It’s such an entertaining experience when you go do that. That’s where you learn most things. I never knew anything about the Philippines, why the Philippines looks like how it does today. I learned it all in the Carlos Celdran Tour. History is great in Manila."

4. Mindoro. "You can find here the longest zipline in the world. You should go try that out. It’s from one island to another island, that’s a pretty cool experience. It’s like 1.7 kilometers, like three to four minutes. That’s a really long time just flying in the air."

5. Bohol. "Go to the Chocolate Hills. It’s got such an amazing scenery; I’ve never seen a mountainous structure like that before."


He says to always keep these in mind when traveling:

1. "The most important things is to gain experience. Live with the locals and do what the locals do. Preferably somewhere in the province or somewhere away from the city."

2. "Your budget should be about the experience and all, not hotels because that’s a different type of vacation."

3. "I think travelling is about getting to know someone else’s perspective and seeing something different."

4. "Try the food."

5, "Do things that you’ve never done in your life. That’s kind of like my motto, do something new every single day that you’ve never done before."


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Produced by Katrina A. Angco / Photographs by Vyn Radovan / Styling Barry Viloria and Camille Santiago / Grooming by Eddie Mar Cabiltes / Shot on location at Citadines Salcedo




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