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The D Word: How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Tie the Knot?

The D Word: How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Tie the Knot?

Do you think about getting married but for some reasons you can’t decide if you really want it? It can be a hard one to tell—how do you really know when you’re ready to tie the knot?

Well, to simplify, you basically just need three words. And they’re not “I love you”. We think, you’d probably know it when there’s…


No one else you’d sit back and relax with. You'd know when you can truly be comfortable with each other either when you're getting busy or doing nothing together.


No one else you'd get dressed and party with. You'd know when you don't mind the long wait that comes with dressing up; you'd know when you don't mind having the same plus one for the rest of your life.


No one else you’d enjoy any view and sleep with. You'd know when you can be together, with a beautiful view like this. But more so, when the view isn't pretty.


No one else you’d see the world with. You'd know when you can't wait to go on as many adventures together, helping each other brave your fears along the way. 



No one else you’d raise living creatures—pets or babies—with. You'd know that it's okay, whether you want babies or not, as long as you decide, together.


So if there’s just “No One Else” you’d spend your life with, then it’s most likely the wedding bells’ cue to start chiming in. 


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