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Coleen Garcia is Metro Magazine's Bombshell Beauty This April

Coleen Garcia is Metro Magazine's Bombshell Beauty This April



With summer in full swing, April is the season for strutting your stuff along shorelines or kicking it by the pool. It’s the time of shedding layers, showing some skin, and being proud of your body. No matter what shape or size it comes in!

Welcome ladies, to Metro’s 2016 Body Issue.

What better way to encapsulate the feel and vibe of the entire issue than from true words of wisdom from Editor-In-Chief, Sarah Meier. “Permission to redefine ‘body beautiful’ as measurable by how drawn you are to physically be next to someone. Whether that’s to run your hands over their six pack of abs, or take refuge in a full and fleshy embrace, to bask in the glow of an individual with confidence and self-love, no matter their size or shape, or to be in the presence of someone that makes you laugh the deepest belly laughs you are capable of – that’s different for each of us. It is beautiful that we are diverse in this way. Let no media or advertising outlet, the ones I’m involved with included, sway your personal truth on this matter.”

Bring out your best off-the-shoulder getup, or imbibe that bohemian aesthetic and rock a tie-dyed ensemble. Whatever you choose, these summer trends are sure to keep you on-point with the season. And as the days grow warmer, there’s no better way to show some skin than by pulling off this summer’s ultimate fashion statement: the slip dress.

Get to know the newest “Duo Killing New York” in a Metro exclusive. Sarah Meier chats with the newest collaborative duo and co-creative directors of leading fashion brand DKNY, Dao Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne.

Loving your body means you shouldn’t feel ashamed whether you want to keep the pounds, or lose them. If it happens to be the latter, Metro’s got a few helpful tricks for you to achieve that ultimate physique. Whether it’s embracing the latest body slimming technologies or taking some well needed “fitspiration” from the workouts of Solenn Heussaff, Belle Daza, Jess Wilson, Kara Gozali, Ida Paras, and Nicole Anderson, there’s no time like the present when it comes to finally reaching your ultimate fitness goals.

As we redefine what it truly means to be “body beautiful”, Metro takes cue from a few individuals who find joy in their physiques, no matter what size that physique happens to be. Get to know Iza Calzado, Zanjoe Marudo, Danah and Stacey Gutierrez, Stephanie Zubiri, Mikaela Martinez, Georgia Shulze-Del Rosario, Sara Black, KC del Rosario, Samantha Richelle, and Gerald Anderson as they talk about their fitness journeys and what it truly means to love and find confidence in their bodies.

If the beach is too far away for your perfect vacation, then pack your bags and enjoy a summer by the pool. We’ve rounded up eight of the city’s most pristine pools for you to take a dip in. And what better way to document those summer memories than with the newest, most exciting gadgets of today? Metro’s rounded up three of the newest smartphones out in stores and gave them a one-of-a-kind road test.

Finally, get to know our April cover girl, Coleen Garcia as she shares the story of her journey to body confidence, how she defines sexy, and a few of her tips on staying fit and healthy.


Check out all these and more in the Metro APRIL 2016 issue, now out in major bookstores. Metro is available in bookstores and on newsstands for P150. Like Metro on Facebook ( and follow Metro on Twitter and Instagram (@MetroMagPH) #MetroMagPH #MetroApril2016




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