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Look Up, Step Out: These Thematic Hostels Will Change The Way You Book Your Beds

Look Up, Step Out: These Thematic Hostels Will Change The Way You Book Your Beds

You may be used to luxurious travels but for when you choose to be more practical, why not give hostels a chance? The thematic hostels below are testaments to the little surprises that await travelers as these will change the way you book your bed on your next trips:


Raining cats and… just cats. All hail, cat lovers. While you most likely won’t see lots of real cats hanging around in this Madrid hostel, it’s still aptly named Cat’s Hostel for its fun an eclectic play with cat elements—paws, whiskers, and all.


Not just your good ol’ four wheel. Nobody wants to sleep in the car unless they have to. But the newly-opened Adriatic Railway Hostel in Croatia takes it a notch higher with their use of old train wagons and cars turned into rooms. Now that’s so cool, who’d be able to resist?


All about ‘em freedom and family. Tucked away in Malapascua, Cebu, an island north of the Philippines lies a humble abode called Villa Sandra Guesthouse. Home to backpackers who’ve found themselves coming back to this place, Villa Sandra centers on providing a personal touch with its freedom wall and rooms named after their guests turned family.


Bask in book heaven. Even with the rise of digital in today’s technology-driven world, there are still people who prefer printed books on their hands. And then there’s a special case of those who prefer printed books beside them when they sleep. So for those with a serious case of this, you may want to spend a night or more in Book and Bed Tokyo, Japan where they have over 1,700 books covering a wide range of genres.


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