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The Six Fix: Firewalk Your Way to A More Empowered You

The Six Fix: Firewalk Your Way to A More Empowered You

You’ve certainly heard of firewalk or maybe have seen someone do it. But did you know that this is actually an alternative you didn’t know could help bring out that sense of empowerment in you? And with these reasons by World Stage International’s Cherry Africa, one of the most widely followed transformation coaches in Asia, it shouldn’t take you more convincing to go for it:  


1. Live the metaphor. As in that one which says, “Set yourself on fire.” “By walking barefoot on a bed of red-hot (600°C) embers or stones,” Cherry says, “you fire up your spirit and unleash the inner fire within yourself. While the act itself is just a metaphor, it still instantly jumpstarts the process of personal reinvention involving the mind, the heart, the spirit, and the body.”


2. Walk through your fears in hot fashion. Literally and figuratively. As one of the tools in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cherry says, “It might seem initially weird or absurd but for a lot of people across the globe, it works. The act is used as a metaphor to describe individuals who conquer their fears through the power of their minds.”


3. Break bad habits. Like procrastination and lethargy. But it’s not only that. “It disables self-doubt, limiting beliefs, fears… and turns you into a person with a powerful psychology and winning physiology or state. It is also a transformative team building tool,” Cherry shares.


4. Create harmony. An experience ideally shared by a group, team members are then pulled into a cohesive and committed team because they now share a common experience.


5. Adapt to mind over matter thinking. In order not to feel pain, it’s significant to possess a mind and body congruence. At times when Cherry wasn’t able to maximize her mind-over-matter state, she got to enjoy hot spots or blisters from the fire walk activity. She notes, however, “I can measure the level of mind-body congruence with the results I get. Isn’t this also so true in life?”


6. You are not alone. You’d be joining a number of movers and shakers from all over the globe—modern-day firewalkers like billionaire Oprah Winfrey, comedian Lenny Henry, and so many more.


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