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Cheat Sheet: An Easy Guide to Finding the Right Brow Shape for You

Cheat Sheet: An Easy Guide to Finding the Right Brow Shape for You

By now, we’re sure you’re obsessed with keeping your brows well-groomed and perfectly shaped at all times (if you aren’t, have you been living under a rock or something???)—but have you got your brow shape down pat? Is your ever reliable brow salon technician shaping it to the best shape for your facial features? Does your makeup game truly help your brows shine?

Today’s your lucky day because we're giving you a crash course on finding the perfect brow shape for your face shape. We learned some tips and tricks from professional makeup artist Amanda Padilla at the Maybelline x Calyxta Brooklyn Brow Party. Read on and be enlightened:


If your face shape is oval… Well you’re very lucky, because it’s the most versatile among all face shapes! But, according to Amanda, a soft-arched brow is your best bet.


If your face shape is round… Amanda says go for a higher arch to minimize the roundness and to lengthen your face.


If your face shape is oblong… A straighter brow will help cut down the length and will give the illusion of a fuller face.


If your face shape is square… Make sure you’ve got a strong brow at all times. “Then the focus will be on your brows and beautiful eyes and not your strong jaw,” adds Amanda.


Plus, we've got bonus foolproof brow tips from Amanda...

1. Always, always go for two or three shades lighter than your hair color so it looks more natural.

2. Apply brow makeup in hairlight strokes so it won’t end up looking too heavy.


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