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Fitspiration: Isabelle Daza’s Mantras Will Help You Stay on Track in All Your Workouts

Fitspiration: Isabelle Daza’s Mantras Will Help You Stay on Track in All Your Workouts

Come to think of it, Isabelle Daza doesn’t really need to be so focused on and committed to working out—she’s blessed with good Miss Universe-winning genes and her younger years playing football have already put her ahead of the fitness game; so much so that even if she eases up on the workouts now, especially since she's got her hands full with work, she’d still look fantastic.

But this lady is not resting on her laurels—and it isn’t because she needs a short-term fix to lose weight and fit into a bikini, but because she’s a firm believer in the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. So much so that she has also ventured into businesses that further this advocacy: Boutique indoor cycling studio Ride Revolution and diet and nutrition service company Better Health. “It was a conscious decision to create something I’m passionate about, and I think would help people and  something they’ll enjoy too,” she shares.

Group shot after Isabelle's first official teaching class at Ride Revolution


The Tubig at Langis star plays an active role in both businesses, teaching cycling classes at Ride Revolution and being involved in the production process at Better Me (yes, she helps come up with the items on their menu). We picked the brain of the soon-to-be Mrs. Semblat to bring you the fitness philosophies this beauty lives by, which will surely help you keep your head in the game every day, especially on those times when you’d just want to stay in your bed for hours on end:


1. “Be better than your excuses.” If you think Isabelle wakes up every morning wanting to hit the bike, the gym, or the road (to run) you’ve got it wrong. She shares that working out every day is also a challenge for her (“Who doesn’t want to be at home, right?”), but she’s not backing out on her commitment to herself to get up, dress up, and show up at her workout.


2. “It’s not about being perfect, it’s about challenging yourself and not giving up.” In the case of indoor cycling, for instance, you don’t have to be perfect at it right away; you’ll get the hang of it after a few tries. “Come with an open mind and ride with friends so it’ll be more fun,” she adds.

The 'it' girls Martine, Anne, Belle, and Solenn, post-indoor cycling


3. “The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.” On days when she’s tamad, Isabelle gets herself in the mood by reminding herself that she’s blessed to have time to work out. “I love the feeling after, it’s a check off your list—you feel strong after a good workout.”


4. “Look good and be more motivated.” The adidas by Stella McCartney fan knows just how much putting an effort into how you look can help motivate you more when working out. Avoid looking sloppy but don’t go overboard—do this by picking out cute athleticwear but avoiding wearing makeup.


5. “Workouts never make you angry; you’re always in a good mood after.” You release happy hormones while sweating it out, so you’re guaranteed good vibes every single time. “I tell myself I’d rather be working out than be working 'til 6AM—I’d rather work out than not be active. Not having time to go, that would put me in a bad mood,” Isabelle says.


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