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Hottie Alert: These Palarong Pambansa Athletes Are More Than Just Cute Faces

Hottie Alert: These Palarong Pambansa Athletes Are More Than Just Cute Faces

The internet never fails to churn out another hottie that eventually becomes everyone's bae. The most recent "point of discovery" of such cuties? Palarong Pambansa 2016, But we can actually look past those nice smiles and dreamy eyes because, you know, they're legit athletes who have brought pride to their respective regions. Meet them hotties of the games, and swoon as much as you like. You're welcome!


1. Caelen Saval. This archer shot his bow right through our hearts, but aside from his pretty face and amazing athleticism (he snagged a gold medal!), you can count on him to give you courage, as he says, "Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."


2. Miguel Barlisan. It's never boring with this guy around. As seen in his numerous trips around the country, he knows how to YOLO to the fullest. Plus, being a swimmer, he loves the waterso if you are a beach-lover, who knows, you might hit it off!


3. Dyrham Palfrey. He's one of the top favorites in this bunch, and for good reason. He possesses the classic good boy charmand we're sure he's actually charming in real life, too. Want proof? Stalk him on social media (well, if you haven't yet) and you'll see in his posts that he doesn't have the typical airy arrogance of an athlete on the rise. He stays grounded, keeps to himself, and rides on this phenom but does not let the fame get to his head. Thpse make him 100x more adorable.


4. Yuan Chiongbian. You know he treats triathlon as his passion and not a competition, because he competes alongside his brother, Justin! He stays on top of his game with someone who's close to his heartand that says a lot about his love not just for the sport, but also for his family as well. Awww!


5. Peter Alfaro. A baller that's firm in his faith and his love for familybest candidate to bring home to mom, as evident in his Facebook posts. Plus points for his smile, a sure thing to brighten up your everyday.


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