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PMAP Talks: 10 Creative Hobbies to Try This Summer

PMAP Talks: 10 Creative Hobbies to Try This Summer


By Gabbie Abesamis


A bad case of the summer blahs have gotten to you and you just don’t know what to do with all your free time during the holidays? Why not spend your vacation trying something new and exciting? Learn something amazing and get expressive with this list of "Ten Creative Hobbies to try this Summer":


1. Photography. Learning photography is a wonderful hobby because it can help take your simple images and transform them into amazing photographs. The basic manual controls of a camera may seem overwhelming at first, but once you understand things like ISO, Exposure, Shutter speed, Aperture, and Focal Length you will be able to produce vibrant, dynamic, and accurate photos (almost like a pro!) that are ready to be shared with the world.

Photo by: Gabbie Abesamis (IG: @gabbieabesamis | Behance:


2. D.I.Y. Accessories. A nice perk of making your own accessories is being able to say that “this piece is is one-of-a-kind” and you wouldn’t even be exaggerating! For your first project, start with those that have the easiest instructions—you’ll be able to progress much faster; don’t be too frustrated when things don’t quite work at first, it’s all part of the learning progress. Tip: Buy all your materials in one go, that way you won’t stop midway.

Photograph by Andrea de la Torre (IG: @joanity | Behance:


3. Vlogging. If you aren’t exactly the writer type, give vlogging (video blogging) a try and express yourself visually! Just like most things, vlogs usually follow a niche or theme. For example: Travel, Comedy, Advice, Beauty, Tutorials, Skits, among others. Choose a category you have a knack at and see where that goes. (Remember: Don’t overshare though. Leaking your personal information on the internet is a disaster waiting to happen so please do avoid that.) A popular platform to share your vlogs is Youtube so check that out!

Photograph by Jag Concepcion (YouTube: Juan Arsenio Gabriel Concepcion | Check out his vlog.

4. Crocheting. Contrary to what some people believe, crocheting IS NOT a stereotypical sweet old grandma hobby. In fact, learning how to crochet gives you the opportunity to create wonderfully soft and trendy pieces of clothing like one toned sweaters, cat ear beanies, bohemian dresses and even expensive looking bags! Go out and enjoy this relaxing and rewarding hobby to the fullest!

Photograph by Josh Tolentino for The Green Tea Enthusiast (Instagram: @thegteshop)


5. Digital Art. It’s no surprise seeing art being expressed on a computer screen rather than a piece of traditional canvas especially in this digital age. There are so many genres under Digital Art, including subcategories like Computer Animation, Infographics, and Cinematography.

Grab yourself a basic tablet or stick to the ordinary mouse (yes, it is entirely possible to use just a mouse). Observe what kind of digital works you’re attracted to and find a platform you can work on (Photoshop, Sai, Illustrator, Paint, etc). Tip: Sometimes it’s better to sketch an idea on paper then transfer it digitally, this way you wouldn’t get frustrated as much.

Digital illustration by Gabbie Abesamis (Instagram: @gabbieabesamis | Behance:


6. Calligraphy. You’ve seen these on inspirational images shared all over the internet. You’ve seen them as logos and on expensive notebooks; but would you believe that you create them yourself, too? Just like when you were in grade school and learned how to write in cursive for the first time, the principles still apply! The only difference is you need better pressure control (how hard or light you press on the pen) and be aware of the strokes you make. Learning calligraphy is quite a challenge but it is very doable and the results are beautiful.

Photograph by Celz Alejandro from Twine + Sunshine (Facebook: Twine + Sunshine)


7. Makeup. Were you a bit of a tomboy growing up? Feel like it’s time to let your femininity shine? Then learning makeup is probably for you! Learn how to put it on yourself and on others and magically transform someone’s face to new heights! A good place to start is on YouTube. There are thousands of beauty gurus there giving tips and step-by-step instructions on how to apply makeup properly on you and others. But don’t rely on them too much because everyone has their own unique facial structure so be sure to study well.

Photograph Jaira Tagle (Instagram: @jairatagle)


8. Baking. Ever see those amazing Instagram feeds with mouthwateringly cute pastries and desserts? Do you have a sweet tooth that just NEEDS to be satisfied? Try your hand at baking! It's a delicious hobby enjoyed by all ages and the results are just delightful. Tip: Follow instructions well! Some desserts need to follow an exact procedure and meticulous ingredient list or else they’ll fall apart, so be careful.

Photograph by Aya Abesamis (Instagram: @ayabesamis)


9. Sewing. Maybe you’ve wanted to try your hand at creating accessories and clothing? Learn the basics or start a small business with your handmade creations. Create interesting works that are not just limited to clothes. You can make pencil cases, plushies, bags, superhero capes, quilts, bandanas, anything!

Photograph from ZIP BITES by Maggie Lee Chuy


10. Start a collection. There are no rules when it comes to collections (except if it’s illegal, then there are laws about that). Start an interesting collection of something you’re passionate about! Collect comics, figurines, rocks, dirt, bugs, coins, old games, anime memorabilia, angel figurines, ANYTHING. Go wild with your collection! You’ll find yourself going on adventures constantly searching for new additions to it. Tip: Don’t become overly obsessed though, practice moderation and don’t overspend to the point that you can’t live properly anymore.

Photograph by Gabbie Abesamis (Instagram: @gabbieabesamis | Behance:


Every hobby can be challenging in the beginning, but the most important thing is to not give up right away and to keep on practicing. You’re going to feel frustrated at times but remember—have fun! That’s why it’s a hobby after all. Enjoy summer!


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