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Family First: Fun Summer Activities to Ready Your Kids for a Greener World

Family First: Fun Summer Activities to Ready Your Kids for a Greener World

Aside from making your own mother proud, another good thing to teach your kids is also to make Mother Nature prouder. KidZania Manila, an interactive kids’ city combining inspiration, fun, and learning through realistic role play, recognizes this and teams up with Century Tuna, Shell Philippines, and H&M Conscious for a summer program that aims to prepare kids for a greener world.

Here are the fun activities KidZania recently opened that are equally ideal to replicate in real life so you can instill in your kids a deep sense of care for the environment:


1. Redefining road trips. To help reduce car emissions, kids will become Transport Routing Specialists who will plan trips to improve and promote the efficient use of fuel and energy at the Shell Transportation Efficiency Center. Do this in real life by taking your kids on a road trip and making them decide which route would help save fuel and/or by asking them to carpool going to school instead.


2. Upcycling is fashionably fancy. Turning your kids to upcycling artists, they will be taught how to find other uses for old things through the H&M Upcycling Workshop. Do this in real life by digging old clothes from your cabinets and using a few pieces for some artsy fartsy projects like accessory making.


3. Market, market. Your kids can learn more about sustainable fishes at the Century Tuna Fish Market. Do this in real life by letting your kids tag along with you when you go to the market so they can explore more not just about the fishes but also about other available produce.  


4. Vertical horizons. Growing plants within and around cities help a great deal in reducing pollution. In this activity, kids will help create a vertical garden for KidZania. Do this in real life by introducing gardening to your little one, one potted plant at a time.


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