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The Six Fix: Here's What You Can Learn from Pia Wurtzbach about Beauty

The Six Fix: Here's What You Can Learn from Pia Wurtzbach about Beauty

Scrolling through a Miss Universe's Instagram feed is a dose of inspiration in all forms, especially when it comes to beauty. Staring at all her photos looking incredibly beautiful (with a heart), will incite an urge to recreate those looks, pronto. But if you look closely, you'll realize Pia isn't the extravagant girl when it comes to dolling up. She goes for simple yet effective, as evident in her regular posts:


1. Start with a perfect base. No amount of makeup will be enough if you don't have a smooth start. Maintain clear skin at all times and use products that won't irritate your sensitive skin. Also, invest in a good foundation, whether powder or liquid, what's important is your face is comfortable in it.


2. Always make sure your brows are on fleek. This gives off a strong, commanding look, and, needless to say, good-looking brows frame the eyes well. Fill in those gaps and clear off those extra strands giving you that messy-arches look.


3. Never scrimp on mascara. Big  doe eyes are in! Let people get caught in your charm as they stare and sink into those peepers of yours. In all of Pia's photos, her eyes always pop out. For full effect, curl those lashes, too.


4. Experiment with lip color. Red, mauve, or orange, Pia knows that a girl can never have too many lipsticks. Identify your skin undertone to select the right lippie for you—check those veins on your wrists. If it's bluish in color, you have a cool undertone. If it's green, go for warmer shades. But if it's a combination of both, you're one of the lucky few—selecting lip colors will never be a problem as you can try on anything.


5. Your hair must be versatile. While we know short hair is the current trend (the heat makes us switch to go short), Pia still manages to look fab in long locks. Reason is you can style it any way you like it—go crazy with curls, put it in a bun, tie it in a half-pony—the possibilities are endless.


6. Never lose that smile. What really makes her shine is that beautiful smile. She always wears that happiness like a badge of honor and she shares it with anyone she encounters. Your smile is very important as it reflects your inner allure. Complete your everyday look with a smile, just like Queen P.


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