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Life Peg: Kooky Tuason, A Word Warrior Advocating for Women and Healing

Life Peg: Kooky Tuason, A Word Warrior Advocating for Women and Healing

A staunch advocate of women and their journey’s overall healing, word warrior Kooky Tuason continues to inspire through poetry, either spoken or written. With over four Spoken Word albums released (Romancing Venus 1, Romancing Venus 2, Bigkas Pilipinas, and In Transit: Manila x Toronto), Kooky shares some golden nuggets of wisdom she found on her own life’s journey.

No routine

For an artist whose imagination runs wild on any given day, you may think it’s easier to deal by establishing some daily structure. On the contrary though, Kooky admits, “I may be a creature of habit but I don't do routine.” Now how does not having a routine feel like exactly? “The rush of the unknown excites me enough to explore my day every single day,” she says.

In true poetic fashion, she reveals two key factors that help her balance her career and other personal pursuits important to her. “I balance according to necessity,” she shares, “sometimes according to the dictates of time and its limitations.” 

 “I may be a creature of habit but I don't do routine," Kooky says.


Out of the box

Not just limited to ideas but also in labeling people to certain categories, Kooky says that being boxed in makes her feel the ugliest. For her “conformity and not being given room to breathe” to allow herself to just be are struggles she faces at times which she addresses by finding her way out of the box and further challenging the status quo.

On a more positive note though, she finds fulfillment in mirroring exchange of acts, such those of kind words, good deeds, and genuine smiles. “I perceive those as manifestations of our hearts and souls being one with the universe,” she says. 

Kooky reinvents education through creativity with Thinking Man's Classroom.


Of healing and empowerment

Kooky shares her tried and tested means for when you want to overcome your own personal mountains:


“Listen. There is wisdom in paying attention to what your surrounding is teaching you.”

“Write. Because words are powerful. Create and re-create your story.”

“Understand. That a better understanding comes from accepting what is.”

“Find rhythm in ‘being.’ Co-exist.”


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Photographs courtesy of Kooky Tuason. Follow more of her advocacies here.




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