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Family First: Sisters Alex and Toni Gonzaga Show You How to Do Sibling Love Right

Family First: Sisters Alex and Toni Gonzaga Show You How to Do Sibling Love Right

They’re just fun to watch, aren’t they? But more than that, Alex and Toni just show you how to be super with your sister. Because who needs a squad when you have sisters as awesome as them? Here are fun things to do should you want to strengthen your bond with your sibs further:


1. Run the extra mile together. But if you’re not into fun runs all that much, feel free to do another activity that suits you both. Learning to cook a new dish or going on a photo walk, perhaps?


2. Party up. Your party doesn’t have to include overflowing booze or whatnots. Sometimes, all it takes is your sister helping you organize, and sharing it with the people you hold most dear.


3. Celebrate your victories. Whether big or small, there’s no greater feeling than being able to celebrate your triumphs with people who support and cheer you right on till you get where you want to be.


4. Share as many life moments with each other. Wedding day or the night before that, it’s always nice to collect as many life moments with your sister that you can look back on years from now.


5. Help one another grow more beautiful in Christ. The Gonzaga sisters have always been open about their relationship with God. So whether it’s through words of encouragement or prayer, help one another become a woman of faith.


6. Be goofy and never stop loving each other. Despite the misunderstandings, huge or petty fights, as rule of thumb, avoid pulling your sister’s hair out. After all, you’re sisters and sisters can equate #squadgoals if you want to.



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