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Daily Diaries: Keeping Your Friends without Having to Keep Quiet about Your Opinion

Daily Diaries: Keeping Your Friends without Having to Keep Quiet about Your Opinion

Less than a month before the national elections, we see more and more people voicing out their two cents about the presidential candidates. But with sharing often comes the inevitable: a clash of opinions, a discourse—sometimes healthy; sometimes not.

So what do you do when your friendship or any other relationship for that matter, gets caught in the election crossfire? Here are a few notes you may want to consider:


Engage without ego. The problem sometimes when people voice out their opinions is the belief that they’re ultimately right. Everybody has something to say, except maybe for those people who opt to grab popcorn and watch from behind their computer desks instead. But while your thoughts are well-put, accept that it’s not the absolute truth. That way, you develop the openness to hear other people out.


Conviction is sexy but a person’s ability to remain respectful is sexier. You may be fighting for a certain ideology, a certain candidate, or a certain entity, and while it’s amazing for anyone to stand up for something, please do so with respect—for others and their opposing views; for yourself and your parents who raised you.


Assess the message, not the messenger. This note would have merit the word “attack” as in “attack the message, not the messenger”. But where does attacking really lead you? So for world peace or at least for the peace of everyone’s newsfeed, assess instead. Evaluate, carefully and thoroughly, the message and not how the person’s grammar, hair, or clothes factor in just for you to prove a point.


Understand with a passion. When you stand your ground with overflowing gusto, this easily makes you emotional and susceptible to hate. Don’t hate others’ views with a passion just because it opposes yours; understand instead. After all, at the end of the day, every Filipino wants the same thing—to help build the nation and see its full potential. 


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