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The D Word: When a Woman Loves a Man

The D Word: When a Woman Loves a Man

For anyone who has long put himself or herself out in the dating scene, you’d know how sometimes love feels like an elusive concept. Often, it even feels like a cat and mouse chase—a question of who’s more invested, who’s more attached, when to say the three little words—who gives in first, lose.

In a recent episode of the television series Dolce Amore, though, the viewers were caught by surprise when Serena suddenly got up from her seat to share the stage with Tenten. Want to know what else she shared? Her true feelings for Tenten that made us all realize a thing or two (more, actually) about love.


Love is simple. Whoever says love is complicated is probably just a serial overthinker. Once a woman decides to love you, she goes all in.


Love is free. Love is for all who believe in it. Regardless of your social status, gender, hair color, or whatnots. We’ve repeatedly heard it before: All is fair in love and war.


Love is loud. As in Serena-holding-a-mic-in-front-of-a-crowd kind of loud. Admit it, such confession is grand and simple at the same time. And it’s probably why it captured hearts.


Love is certain. No half-hearted admissions allowed. When a woman loves a man, you can be sure about it so leave your doubts at the door. Better yet, make no room for doubts at all.


Love is bold. Just what could be braver than what Serena did? There is no fear in love, and that’s exactly what Serena showed us.


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Photographs screencapped from ABS-CBN Entertainment Official Youtube Channel





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