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Bucketlist Destination: Dakhla City, Western Sahara

Bucketlist Destination: Dakhla City, Western Sahara

What: Dakhla City

Where: Western Sahara, Moroccan Border

Who: Perfect for those who find beauty in the most unlikely places

Gone are the days when you only think of a dry, barren land at the mention of Sahara. Believe it or not—but might as well believe it now—in the southern border of Morocco and west of Sahara lies the unspoiled city of Dakhla with beaches perfect for surfing. If you want to know what else makes it bucketlist-worthy, read on.


1. Almost untouched. Like a virgin, this place is almost untouched with only about 100,000 population. If that isn’t enough reason for you to go there, we don’t know what is.


2. Warm and perfect. If you like going to tropical islands for the temperature but worry about the heat index soaring incredibly high, then Dakhla will be the perfect spot for you. As per the Köppen climate classification, their “temperature averages around 18 °C during January, Dakhla's coldest month and around 23 °C during September, its warmest month.”


3. Surf’s Up. Slowly becoming a surfing mecca, Dakhla can boast of its wild Atlantic rollers that would send any stoked surfer in a further shredding frenzy. For consistent wave breaks, take a trip here between October and February. The best spots for the beach breaks can also be found in Lâayoune, Bojador, and Pointe de l’Or.


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