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Look Up, Step Out: Take Your Relationship to The Next Level When You Go Places

Look Up, Step Out: Take Your Relationship to The Next Level When You Go Places

Couple athletes then, adventure partners now: Matt Salem and Melissa Gohing share how going places becomes better when you travel with your significant other.

A quick background on their love story, they met back in college where they both shared a love for sports at first, and then eventually for each other. Playing for the varsity team then, Matt was into basketball and Mel was into volleyball. They’re now together for more than two years and going strong.

Mel shares, “Matt and I have busy schedules. Usually, our schedule would clash because of our games and training so every time we both have a break, we make sure to make the most out of the time we can spend together.” And that was probably how they discovered sharing another kind of love—the one they have now: For travel.

“Our unforgettable memory was during canyoneering (in Cebu), and going underneath the Kawasan falls with the balsa.” She recounts, “It was a long trek and Matt always looked out for me even though I know I can handle it… Matt has a fear of heights but he did it for me. After that, he said it was all worth it facing his fears.”

Now if you’re wondering if hitting the road with your beau is really a good idea, Mel shares five insights you may want to consider:


1. "Better together. You will realize it's way better and more fun to have someone you love or someone you’re very close with when you travel. Memories are meant to be shared.”


2. "It's cheaper. Especially when you are on a limited budget, this will save you from spending more. You'll get to share the cost of everything like accommodation, food, tours, and activities.”


3. "Security. It's safer to have someone with you when you travel. You might get lost traveling to places you've never been so it's better to have someone with you to back you up.”


4. "Nice photos. You don't have to ask strangers to take your photos plus you won't be scared that your camera will be stolen. It's good to have someone take your photos with a breathtaking view and also take photos with someone.”


5. “For independent women that are taken, travel with someone before marrying them. You will possibly find out or learn something new about your partner. Traveling with your partner disconnects you two from the world and connects you to each other. Relationships can be shaken with the stresses of daily life. This is the way to let go, relax, and just breathe.” 


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Photographs courtesy of Melissa Gohing. Follow more of their adventures here.




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