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Family First: Half-Siblings Don’t Have to Equate to Half the Love

Family First: Half-Siblings Don’t Have to Equate to Half the Love

You only share one same parent, so what? Mad love, still. In the television series The Story of Us, this kind of sisterhood is portrayed through the roles of Tin and Caitlyn who share the same mother, Myra Simbulan played by Kim Chiu, Kira Balinger, and Zsa Zsa Padilla respectively.

While the two half-siblings don’t get along well, at least not yet, we see the efforts of their mother to try and bridge the gap. Now if you are in the same shoes of Tin or Caitlyn and feeling torn about how to deal exactly, you might want to consider these:


Two in one. While this isn’t necessarily and solely applicable to half-sibs only, having a half-sibling is like gaining someone close enough to be both a family member and a friend.


The high road. When everybody else expects half-siblings to be in the stereotypical scenario of daily fights exchanging snide remarks, why not take the high road and get past that?


Add the love, subtract the drama. Seriously, who needs drama these days? If you want to live lighter, just keep adding the love and subtract the drama and all the things that lead to it.


Family ties mean much more. Once you’ve fully accepted and embraced your half-sibling, you realize how family ties go beyond blood or any other ideal set up so long as the love is there.


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