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Look Up, Step Out: These Palawan Hideaways Are Pure Bliss

Look Up, Step Out: These Palawan Hideaways Are Pure Bliss

Palawan is home to some of the finest beaches in the world. With its white sand and crystal-clear waters, the island province has become one of the primary tourist destinations in the country. As a result, hotels and resorts are abundant throughout the region—booking a room shouldn’t prove to be difficult. But if you’re looking for alternatives (which can be cheaper or provide more bang to your buck) to these more traditional lodgings, you may want to check out some of these heavenly hideaways:


1. Mommy Sally’s Eco Lodge. Tucked away in the southern edge of Palawan, Mommy Sally’s Ecolodge has been the subject of affection of many guests who’ve been there. Its exact location is inside the Palawan Ecolodge in Sitio Malakibay (Rizal Town), a hamlet that aims to integrate small-scale tourism and local culture. Because of its remote location (approximately five hours away from Puerto Princesa), Mommy Sally’s beachfront property boasts of a distinctive charm that won’t be found in the more commercialized areas of the island. The sea around it is simply exquisite. Everything else is practically perfect.

As for the amenities, Mommy Sally offers a ton for considering its economical rates. Aside from comfortable beddings, the host advertises the package as “all inclusive,” which means you get to enjoy three meals a day plus a snack in the afternoon (comes with unlimited coconut juice). Snorkels, fins, surfboards, sea kayaks, and life jackets are provided for free to those who want to go surfing, snorkeling, or diving. For trekkers, Mount Mantalingahan is just nearby, waiting to be explored.

With all of those plus the laidback lifestyle of the small town, there’s a good chance you probably won’t want to go home anymore. Book it here.


2. Sanctuaria Treehouses. Be one with nature in Sanctuaria Treehouses, an eco-friendly resort that offers visitors a genuine Palawan experience. Located in a secluded wilderness that’s about an hour away from the airport, the resort lets you go on all kinds of adventures—dive into shipwrecks, go island hopping, go kayaking, chill by the famous Concepcion waterfalls, and visit nearby farms and fishing villages! You won’t run out of things to do here. If you just want to kick back and enjoy the view, you could do so atop the treehouses or by the outdoor stonewall bar. It’s a quiet, “back-to-basics” sanctuary, you’ll forget all your worries during your stay.

Guests have raved about the food and the hospitality of the host and the staff. They’ll try to accommodate requests as much as possible and arrange the trips to diving spots or nearby islands for you. Just one thing, though: Bring enough cash to cover all the expenses for all your planned activities since there’s no ATM anywhere near the vicinity. Fortunately, you don’t have anything to worry about enjoying Sanctuaria’s breathtaking sunsets, they’re free of charge. Book it here.


3. A Private Beach near Port Barton. A 15-minute boat ride away from the small coastal village of Port Barton, this secluded beach is the very definition of paradise. It’s a huge, exclusive island where there are only four cottages and eight rooms. Outsiders aren’t allowed—you’ll be assured of utmost peace and privacy. The property has numerous good things going for it; but perhaps its main attraction is its surrounding waters, which is clearer than the mainland’s.

A night’s stay isn’t that pricey, thus don’t expect anything fancy. No Wi-Fi, TVs, minibars, and the like—everything’s simple and laidback. Nonetheless, visitors will have a relaxing time. And oh, guests have also noted that the staff serves delightful meals and tries to accommodate requests as much as possible. Seems like the perfect vacation, doesn’t it? Book it here.


4. Nature’s Retreat. Upon reading user reviews of Nature’s Retreat, the adjective “amazing” pops up several times. Variations of the word are aplenty as well. Basically, the place has captured the hearts of its guests.

A concealed gem in beautiful El Nido, visitors need not worry about finding their way into the reserve. The staff will pick you up from the airport—it doesn’t matter if it’s the one in El Nido or Puerto Princesa—free of charge (the same goes upon departing). Once you arrive at the sprawling property, kindly prepare to pick your jaw up from the ground. It’s a stunning 8,000-square-meter haven that’s fronted by the heralded waters of the region. Guests get to stay in spacious bungalows made of natural native materials and can enjoy a wide variety of activities: Snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle boarding, among others. The staff cooks up scrumptious dishes, and will cater to your every need. Staying a few nights can be expensive; but for an experience that you’ll likely never forget all your life, it’s well worth it. Book it here.


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