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Bucketlist Destination: Hainan Island, China

Bucketlist Destination: Hainan Island, China

What: Hainan Island

Where: South China Sea, People’s Republic of China

Who: Perfect for anyone who wants to avoid the pollution of the city

Often referred to as the “Hawaii of China,” Hainan Island is China’s southernmost and smallest province. The island simply boasts of palm-lined beaches with year-round warmth worthy of a tropical paradise. At present, small towns have been filled with cafes and the streets now have shopping opportunities for both the locals and tourists. If those aren’t enough reasons to entice you to come visit the island, the following might convince you more:


1. Fresh air all the way. If you’re so used to the city’s pollution, be it air or noise, then this island with its perfect location also equally makes it the perfect getaway from it all.


2. It’s not all about the island. When you explore the inland area, you’ll be welcomed by jagged jungle-clad mountains and lava rock villages. Make sure to check out Gusong Village, which is a rarely discovered ancient Hainanese village in the hills. The Yanoda Rainforest is also quite an unexpected spectacle, and Nanwan Monkey Island is a nationally protected reserve for macaque monkeys. 


3. The island has lovely neighbors. There are several small islands surrounding Hainan that adventure seekers can take a side trip to, for when you want to explore or to just kick it by the beach with a book and a glass of margarita.  


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