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Beauty Spotlight: Skincare Tips You Wish You Knew When You Were Younger

Beauty Spotlight: Skincare Tips You Wish You Knew When You Were Younger

“I wish I had taken better care of my skin,” Andy Domingo, 35, quips. Cringe-worthy beauty regrets, what woman doesn’t have them?

If you’re in your 20s, you’re probably like a young Andy. You probably don’t care much about all those constant reminders on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Who cares about observing an ideal beauty routine and preventing the first signs of aging, right?

You’re young, you could probably bargain for a few more years with yourself before you need to do some anti-aging skincare regimens. But did you know that as early as age 20, skin starts to lose its firmness? Bet you didn’t, because if you did, you would’ve cared more for your skin every single day.

Back in her early 20s, Andy shared she was that typical yuppie who has made YOLO (You Only Live Once) her motto before that term even existed; she would push herself to the limits every day whether at work or leisure. “I would stay up late at night and wake up early to go to work again,” she says. “On weekends, I would go on quick beach trips. I was just always soaking up the sun.”

Little did Andy realize the cycle of her stressful, on-the-go lifestyle was taking a serious toll on her skin’s firmness. She regrets that she was unaware and unmindful of the fact that sagging or loose skin is not only brought about by age but by bad daily lifestyle habits and external factors as well.  

Sadly, Andy isn’t the only one who has certain beauty misconceptions. Many women think whitening their skin is the ultimate way to go, and that having a fair complexion is enough. What they fail to realize is that to bring back their skin’s best years, they need to achieve firm skin, too.

To make that possible, now, more than ever, you need to be more mindful of your daily lifestyle habits which could hasten skin aging. Keep your skin in tiptop shape by getting enough sleep, following a healthy diet, drinking water regularly, exercising more, and avoiding vices such as smoking. When stepping out of the house, it’s also important to protect the skin by avoiding pollution and wearing sunscreen.         

Complement your healthy lifestyle with a product which can address the need for both fair and firm skin. The great news is that you can give your skincare routine a much-needed boost and get those two beauty benefits just by using one product daily. Talk about double-duty!

To effectively firm skin and restore its elasticity, try the NIVEA Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF33, which has a light, non-sticky formula and is packed with the firming ingredient Q10. This serum gives skin a fairer, firmer complexion and is boosted with high sun protection to prevent further skin darkening.

Aside from this serum, your regular whitening lotion has another great alternative with the NIVEA Instant White Firming Body Lotion SPF15. With its fast-acting whitening properties and Q10 ingredient, your skin will have that instant radiant glow and is not only whiter but also firmer. On top of these benefits, it also provides daily sun protection from harmful UV rays.

As we get older, the production of Q10—which is a natural component of our cells that protects the skin—also starts to lessen, that’s why we need to consciously supply our bodies with it. What’s great about these NIVEA products is that they are both packed with Q10 formula which makes skin feel firm, fresh, and full of energy.

While using these NIVEA products can help your skin stay firmer for longer, this skincare regimen would work better when complemented with healthy day-to-day lifestyle choices. Seriously, why wait till you find yourself regretting a beauty blunder, when you can achieve more radiant, fairer, firmer, and smoother skin by just caring more for your skin and your overall well-being every day? Make the right lifestyle and beauty choices now! 


To learn more about the factors that affect your skin’s firmness and discover how you can achieve your #skinsbestyears, watch the video below!  



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