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The Six Fix: Keep Calm, Baby Bump Ahead

The Six Fix: Keep Calm, Baby Bump Ahead

Unlike Jane the Virgin, you’ve actually done the dirty deed—perhaps even a tad too much that it has now put a bump on your belly. Whether the pregnancy is unexpected, unplanned, or both, know the things you’re likely headed for with a little bundle of joy on the way:


1. The mornings are going to get so bad. Well, apart from the usual morning sickness that includes throwing up and dizziness in the first trimester or so, expect your mornings to feel like an everyday emotional crisis filled with all the possible questions you could ask in this world.


2. The cravings may or may not be there. One of the most common things a preggo person deals with is the paglilihi (cravings). Don’t be fooled though—it’s also so common nowadays not to have these cravings. 


3. You’d probably wonder if your little one hears you. Yes, even on the first few weeks after you find out. Can your little one read your mind? Can your little one hear your thoughts? Well, we wonder about that, too.


4. You’d be more careful or more active, or both. Like how a kangaroo protects her joey, you’d start to develop your maternal instincts and protect your baby in little ways you can. Whether it’s becoming super careful walking on slippery floors or getting into maternity yoga, you just do it all for your baby.


5. People close to you are going to take it differently. Accept the fact that people in your life are going to take the news differently. If it was unexpected or unplanned, then it might come more of a shocker for them or not. Just the same, let them take time to process if they need to, and if you still need to.


6. It’s going to be the best ride of your life. And one that you can’t just get off from anytime you feel like it. But seeing the half of your heart grow beautiful each day and having the honor to raise that? Who would say it’s not worth it? 


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