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The D Word: Be My Lady’s Phil and Pinang Show You the Ropes to Dating an AFAM

The D Word: Be My Lady’s Phil and Pinang Show You the Ropes to Dating an AFAM

There are so many preconceived notions about dating an AFAM, as in "A Foreigner Assigned in Manila." While these can’t be considered complete generalizations, we’ll let Phil and Pinang of the TV show Be My Lady show you what you’re in for should you decide to date a foreigner.


Foreign men can be chivalrous, too. While other cultures foreign to our own are all about gender equality and independence of women, you would still find some foreign men that are as chivalrous as they were in the early days. In this episode, Phil insisted on carrying Pinang’s shopping bags at the market, making Pinang stutter a bit.


They can be generous with gifts, effort, and time. Let’s admit it, most guys nowadays just like to hook up, sneak in, and get into your pants. Phil, however, sneaked in to leave a gift for Pinang, and a thoughtful one at that—a pair of sandals that can be Pinang’s next favorite. 


They will adapt to your humor. It’s much more of a challenge getting together on the same page with someone with a different background, wavelength, and humor. But if they really like you, they will exhaust all possible ways just to see you laugh, like Phil did for Pinang when he danced the Quack, Quack, Quack. 


They’ll share your love for food. Filipinos by default are known for our tasty cuisine so much so we don’t mind using pork blood for a dish like Dinuguan. While there’s no forcing balut on them although it’s surely a fun thing to do from time to time, an AFAM who really likes you will share your love for Filipino food… or at least will try his very best to.


They will go the distance. In this episode of Be My Lady, Phil talked about renewing his visa before it expires simply because he couldn’t bear the thought of being away from Pinang. When an AFAM really wants to be with you, he would be with you—you wouldn’t even have to worry about anything because he’d make it work one way or another.


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