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The D Word: The Big O and Why it's Good for You

The D Word: The Big O and Why it's Good for You



Even if you don’t need another reason to get naughty under the sheets, we’re giving you very rational reasons to reach out for The Big O. What can all that grinding, winding and writhing give you after the climax? Read on…


Good for the body 

1. Toe-curling sleep. A good sheet session is blissfully exhausting—and a great sedative. A session that ends with your toes curling in pleasure makes you want to do nothing more than doze off into Snoozeland. Right, Having the Big O leads to lots of ZZZs.


2. Period regulator. Yep, you read that right. Regular sexual activity can help regulate your periods. All that action going on down there promotes circulation to the organs in the pelvic region. Medical experts say that having sex at least once a week is more likely to result in regular menstrual cycles than for women who frequently say, “Not tonight, dear, I have a headache.” Must be the grinding, winding, writhing that deliver nutrients and prompt healthy growing tissues, all working together to improve blood flow.


3. Pain relief. Orgasms can relieve all sorts of pain, ranging from the usual headache to a bout of arthritis, according to Planned Parenthood. Once stimulated, the body releases oxytocins and endorphins, which are happy hormones.  Popping an orgasm sure beats popping a pill.



Good for the heart

1. Bonding. Sex is a time to bond. At no point can you ever be as close to someone as when you are making love. The thought of that, of having that little moment to yourselves is orgasmic in itself.


2. Intimacy. Intimacy is the security of knowing that you can be yourself in all your naked glory in front (or behind!) your partner and still be loved. Intimacy is basking in the after-glow that comes with cuddling after the heat of the moment, talking and whispering about nothing and everything.


3. Feeling good about your partner and yourself. Knowing that your partner wants you and desires you physically after a long day at work, after many years together is a potent aphrodisiac.  On your part, you may not be able to remember if you combed your hair or if you’re wearing your good undies, but when he reaches out for you with that look, you just know you are a goddess, a sex goddess whose partner takes much pleasure in pleasuring her.



Good for the mind

1. Releases the stress. We’re back to the hormones on this one. Putting yourself in the mood means unplugging a bit and relaxing. And as this great thing happens, your body responds by releasing oxytocins, the stress-busting hormones. Achieving an orgasm relieves stress and feels great.


2. Clears the head. There are so many things that burden our mind—work deadlines, kids, their needs—that causes us to forget our own needs. When you focus on the task at hand, you clear your head of all thoughts that can come between you and the orgasm. And when you achieve it, it’s hard to think straight, at least for a few minutes. Enjoy the momentary release of allowing yourself pleasure and joy. Truly, having an orgasm is one of life’s simple pleasures.


3.  Have a good laugh at yourself. You’ve heard of the orgasm face, right? That weird look we all get on our face when we’re on the throes of hitting the high note? Yeah, that one. Not everyone looks great when their face is contorted in a look of “argh” right before they let out an “ooohh.” But so what? Your orgasm will be worth it. And in case you happen to catch your reflection in the mirror in the middle of the hot stuff, have a good laugh at yourself. You’ll reach a different kind of ecstasy, one that’s based on humor and the self-assurance of being able to laugh at yourself.


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