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The D Word: The Four Types of Men Who May Be Roadblocks to Your Happily Ever After

The D Word: The Four Types of Men Who May Be Roadblocks to Your Happily Ever After



Whether your status is single, in a relationship, or it’s complicated, the sight of hearts, roses, and cupids, coupled with endless love songs played everywhere, just makes it feel like the best time to fall in love. Before you embark on your journey to discovering Mr. Right, however, be warned! Chalk lays out the four (stereo)types who may be roadblocks to your happily-ever-after!


The artist who swore off his vices, but…

Why you fell for him He’s Da Vinci and you’re his Mona Lisa. He uses his creativity to sweep you off your feet and, wow, does he do it with so suavely! There’s nothing more romantic than being made the inspiration behind a song, poem, painting, or any work of art, and this guy is an expert in making you feel special.

When you started to doubt him His constant smoking and drinking worries you, but he says these are just his ways of “feeling,” of stimulating emotions that help with the creative process.

What happens next You believe in him!

When you started to think he may not be the guy you thought he was When he starts to reel you into his creative realm, he influences you to be spontaneous and go for a pot sesh because… YOLO?

How to repel him Learn when to say no. It’s fun to be with someone deliciously rebellious and endearingly sensitive, but when your creative differences prevent you from having a normal, healthy relationship, it’s time to pack up and leave!

How to move on from him Be your own muse! If there’s one good thing you can learn from him, it’s to embrace who you are and do you! Keep it up and maybe, one day, you’ll impress someone who has the same sensitivity and creativity, minus the reckless lifestyle choices.

Who to learn from Rihanna. After being in a whirlwind on-and-off-again relationship with Chris Brown, she finally learned when to throw in the towel, move on, and get back up feistier than ever!


The Mr. Perfect who fought for you, but…

Why you fell for him Since you met him, you’ve already begun practicing writing your signature using his surname and naming your three future children. He maintains a Cum Laude standing, goes home before midnight, speaks highly of his parents, and, basically, has all the qualities your mother would want in her daughter’s future husband.

When you started to doubt him Being the family man that he is, you expect him to invite you to at least some of his family dinners and reunions, but he seems to always have an excuse to not have you around.

When you started to think he may not be the guy you thought he was You found out through a common friend that, apparently, his mom doesn’t approve of you, and he’s trapped between wanting to keep you as his girl and not disappointing his mom! Ouch!

How to repel him Don’t make him choose between his parents and you. If he really loves you, he must be able to make his parents see what he sees in you. Instead of whining about not being involved with his family, why not initiate bonding with his parents and siblings? If your effort does not pay off, at least you know you did your part.

How to move on from him Find a guy who’s more independent. After all, a real family man is one who knows how to stand up and make firm and balanced decisions for everyone involved.

Who to learn from Kate Middleton! Expectations were high for this future queen ever since she married into the royal family, but she has managed to grow in confidence and show grace under pressure amidst all the media scrutiny—all while looking effortlessly chic and pomp!


The jock who promised to change his playboy ways for you, but…

Why you fell for him He’s the David Beckham of your dreams, with sports stats that have put him on the radar since being part of his high school varsity team. Of course, he’s hot, too!

When you started to doubt him You’ve caught him snapping with a certain Tricia, who he claimed was his new coach at training.

When you started to think he may not be the guy you thought he was That Tricia girl turned out to be his classmate in History, the class he makes sure he never misses! One time, you saw them hanging out after class, even though he supposedly had training! Ugh, can jocks be not this cliché?

How to repel him Don’t be the trophy girl hanging out with varsity teams! If you’re dating a jock, separate yourself from his clique. That way, he won’t get to take advantage of needy you. Instead, he’ll take time to make you feel important—because you are!

How to move on from him Double dip! Find a smart guy who’s also into sports or fitness. It’ll drive your ex mad with insecurity because what else does he have that your new eye candy doesn’t?

Who to learn from Kim Kardashian. She may be a darling among athletes, but she hasn’t been one to fall easily. After all, she’s learned her lesson. (#RayJ), and she stands up for herself!


The Basic Bro with bland personality, but…

Why you fell for him You’re not quite sure why you’re actually attracted to him. Maybe it’s because everyone in your life (and by everyone, we mean everyone—your family, friends, even your salon stylist) doesn’t approve of him for you and you’re set to prove to them that he’s worthy. Maybe you fell in love with his… potential? You see him as a work in progress, which challenges you.

When you started to doubt him If there was an Oscar award for relationships, you’re undoubtedly the winner for best supporting role—always giving advice about his career and suggesting exciting stuff you can try out together as a couple. However, he seems to reject all ideas that indicate change and refuse to exert any effort for personal growth, exclaiming that if you really love him, you should accept him as he is and not expect him to be someone he’s not. 


Original article by Rachel Diane Relucio. Illustrations by Kar Victoriano. Check out more exciting stories in the latest issue of CHALK, now out in major bookstores. CHALK is available in bookstores and on newsstands for P100. Download the CHALK Magazine app for access to all digital editions on your tablet or smartphone, available in Zinio, and Buqo Digital Newsstands. Like CHALK on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@ChalkMagazine).




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