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In Focus: 3 Things JoshLia Is Doing Right

In Focus: 3 Things JoshLia Is Doing Right


By Chris Clemente


In a press conference held last August 20, 2017 for their movie Love You to the Stars and Back, Joshua confirmed what was going on between him and onscreen partner, Julia Barretto, and we couldn't be happier with how the two are going about their "relationship."

There are so many love teams nowadays—it's been a Filipino thing for as far back as we can remember, this whole shipping loveteams business—but, even though it's common, there are still those love teams that stand out. One of them is definitely JoshLia, and here are three things that we think they're doing right.


1. Making ligaw. Joshua was open, honest, and candid about him pursuing Julia. He said he started [in January] this year and after eight months, well, he’s still pursuing her. He noted that even if their official status hasn’t changed, internally, there is significant development.

"Ganu'n pa rin po. Nanliligaw pa rin po pero malalim na ‘yung pinagsamahan namin. Mas kilala na namin ‘yung isa't isa."

Some people, not just celebs, are after the label of calling someone their girlfriend or boyfriend, but it's nice to see that Joshua is taking his time and isn't fazed by it.


2. Knowing their priorities. In the same press conference, Julia was asked if Joshua was her priority, and she said “If I’m being very honest, I’ve learned to prioritize my work," she says. "But he’s become such an important person in my life and it’s not like nakakasagabal din naman siya sa trabaho ko, so I don’t see any problem naman kung if ever pagsabayin ‘yun.”

Agree! There’s nothing wrong with having a career and a love life as long as you’re able to balance the two, and it seems like these youngsters are off to a good start in being able to do just that.


3. Involving family in a good way. In any relationship, family plays a big role—whether their presence or their absence—and, sometimes, young men and women make the mistake of hiding their relationships from their parents or not letting their parents get to know their significant other.

Not these two.

Julia says, "Very well-loved naman siya by my family, very accepted at 'pag may gathering, hinahanap na rin siya kaya nakakatuwa para sa akin kasi, syempre, gusto mo accepted."

It’s good that she’s letting her family get to know Joshua even before they become officially a thing. This way, they start their foundation on strong footing. Family always holds quite a sway on whether or not your relationship will thrive.

Julia's mom, Marjorie Barretto, has expressed her fondness for Joshua in saying, "Si Joshua kasi nakikita ko very maka-pamilya siya, eh. So important sa amin na he likes being with our family. Parang he looks like a good son."


That being said, we think JoshLia is on their way to being a formidable couple in due time. For now, watch the kilig between them in their upcoming movie, Love You to the Stars and Back.


This article originally appeared on NoInk.


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Banner photograph from Joshua Garcia.




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